How to Control a Computer by a Smartphone from Anywhere

How to Control a Computer by a Smartphone :

The most easy and efficient way is to download an app from the play store called “TeamViewer for Remote Control”.  And then you will understand how to control a computer by a smartphone by following method.

Here is the process

How to Control a Computer by a Smartphone

At first you need to download the latest version of TeamViewer from  Here in your Computer and then open TeamViewer in computer which looks like the below image.

You will get an Id and a password. In this case the ID is 454562800 and the Password is 5788.
now you have to open the TeamViewer app on your mobile and you have to put your Id  on your mobile and click on Remote Control , like the below image.


Now give the password when the password bar appears like the below image :

After giving the password and after confirming it you will get a page where the instructions will be given How you can control your computer by your Smartphone. Like the below image :


Tap Continue and now you are all set to control your Computer by your Smartphone.

Then the computer Screen will appear in your mobile screen and you can do anything fom mobile to make changes in your computer.
Below is the image of my smartphone by which I am controlling my PC.

You can use this method to control a PC by an another PC . You just have to download TeamViewer in both computers. And follow the same method you can control your  PC.

You can also transfer files from one computer to another by using TeamViewer. In that case you have to select “Transfer Files” and connect with TeamViewer Id and Password. And You can control and Transfer the files from one to another computer.

*Note : For all this work you need a very good internet connection.


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