How to Increase the RAM of Your Android Smartphone without Root

In this new era all the young generation people have Smartphones in their hand. They have sufficient storage and RAM in their android smartphone. But no-one is happy with this RAM. They always want more RAM which they have. But when they want more RAM they think to buy a new mobile with more RAM. But for the lack of money some of them can’t buy new phone. And their dream of a smartphone with huge ram remains the dream. But When they try to increase the RAM of their phone by mistake they root their mobile. And after rooting they face so many problems like virus attack. As a result they become afraid of rooting their phone. As a result today I am going to discuss about How to Increase the RAM of Your Android Smartphone without Root.

How to Increase the RAM of Your Android Smartphone without Root :

1.At first you have to download an app from play store for free Smart Ram Booster.

Download It From Here.

2.Once installed, open the app and click on settings. Here you can select the boost level and add apps to the whitelist. Selecting a stronger boost level will significantly improve your RAM but a lot of apps might be killed during the process. The whitelist is basically a list where you can add apps that you don’t want to kill when you start the boosting process. For example, if you want to use WhatsApp at all times, you can add it to the list and it won’t get killed when you use the boost option. You can also select the Boost automatically option which automatically boosts the RAM when the phone is running slow or if the RAM is full. This is the perfect option for users who don’t want to manually boost the RAM when the phone is acts slow. Checking the RAM Booster Notification option will let you increase the RAM using your notification bar.

3.If you want to manually increase RAM in Android phone devices, simply click on Boost Now or use the Boost button in your notification bar. This will kill several processes and your device should instantly feel faster.

So by this way you can Increase the RAM of Your Android Smartphone without Root.

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